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Friday, March 16, 2012

Top Secret Gospel Sharing Tactics (hopefully not for long!)

In this and the next post, I want to share a few "tactics" for sharing the Gospel.  I hope they will prove helpful for you in becoming more effective at sharing the Gospel with those you come in contact with every day.

Secret 1: Language. As members of the Church we have a very unique culture, use it to your gospel-sharing advantage. If you use words like "stake center", "BOM", "mutual", and "EFY" in your everyday conversation people will OFTEN ask you what you mean. This will swing the dor wide open for the beginning of a discussion about the Church.

Secret 2: Don't "delete" parts of your day. How many times has a friend asked you "So what'd you do this weekend?" and you describe Saturday in great detail, skip Sunday morning and then describe Sunday afternoon in great detail? When someone asks what you did over the weekend, talk about the the talk you heard in church, or what the lesson was about. Or talk about your Home/visiting teaching visit if they ask what you did last night. After all, they asked, its an open invitation to talk about the Gospel!

Secret 3: Social Media. Share quotes, videos, articles from the Church and Church leaders and about the Church. Share Mormon messages with a compelling story or a famous person. Link to articles on lds.org. Comment on other people's posts about faith related subjects. Respond to misconceptions and questions about the Church. Share your faith in a blog. Take a look at thou in sharing is talk by Elder Ballard for more ideas:

Secret 4: Have something to give away. Do you have a few pass along cards in your car? A Book of Mormon? An old Ensign or Friend magazine? If you have things to give away if someone shows interest then you're more likely to give it away (go figure!). If you have a friend that is talking about the difficulty of raising their children, loan (or give) them an issue of the New Era or Friend magazine that may have some helpful articles.

Next week I'll share a few more tactics that I believe will be useful to you. 

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  1. What have you found helpful in sharing the Gospel?