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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Final Gospel Sharing Secrets

This week I want to share with you the final two secrets for sharing the Gospel...These are the most important ones, in my opinion.  They have the greatest affect upon you being able to share the Gospel.

Secret 5: OYM.  This is an acronym that President Thomas Mullen used to use with us missionaries in the NY Utica mission, it stands for "Open Your Mouth." A good friend and fellow missionary from my mission, Elder Rob Ross used to always tell us missionaries in his district, "There's nothin' to it, but to do it".  I know its a radical concept, but the best way to share the gospel, is simply to share it.  There are sooo many opportunities to share the Gospel if we are looking for them.  Invite someone to a baptism, fireside or other church activity, ask a friend or acquaintence about their faith, they'll often recipricate by asking you about yours, talk about how the gospel affects your day to day life (it does affect it doesnt it?? I hope so!). 

Secret 6: Pray.  I know, again, this is out in left field, but God knows which of His children are prepared to listen.  Ask Him to put them in your path.  Ask Him to prepare you to share the Gospel.  Ask Him to give you the courage to open your mouth.  Ask Him to help you to see how you can bless the lives of others.  As you pray, you'll be amazed at how many opportunities you will come to you. 

I hope these "secrets" have been helpful for you!  Please take the information and use it, share it, experiment with it, and let me know how it goes!! 
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