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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Saturday Afternoon Session


Elder L. Tom Perry - Quorum of the Twelve (Being "goodly parents")
Elder M. Russell Ballard - Quorum of the Twelve (The parable of the honey bee/Service)
Elder Larry Echo Hawk - Quorum of the Seventy (Book of Mormon)
Elder Robert C. Gay - Quorum of the Seventy (Anxiously Engaged)
Elder Scott D. Whiting - Quorum of the Seventy (Temples/Ye are the temples of God)
Elder Neil L. Andersen - Quorum of the Twelve (Faith)
Elder Dallin H. Oaks - Quorum of the Twelve (Protecting children)

Talk that you MUST watch

Elder Dallin H. Oaks' talk about protecting children is very timely in our country at this time.  He called for an end to abortion, straight up calling it evil.  He called for parents to think of children before divorcing.  He called for all those of religious faith and with similar value systems to unite together to do better for the children of our world.  Powerful.

Favorite Quote

 "May our lives of service always affirm that God forsakes no one." Elder Robert C. Gay

General Thoughts About the Session

It seems that a reoccuring theme of the Conference thus far has been to stand up, declare what you believe and be proud and unapologetic in doing so.  What a great call for all people of faith.  If we can all do this, what a great place this world can be.  We cannot be silent and keep to ourselves any longer, we must stand for what is right.  There is no neutral ground. 

Click here to view these talks individually or to watch the session in its entirety.

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