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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Priesthood Session


Elder D. Todd Christofferson - Quorum of the Twelve (Be men/quorums)
Bishop Gary E. Stevenson - Presiding Bishop (Young Men)
Elder Anthony D. Perkins - Quorum of the Seventy (Spiritual Guideposts)
President Dieter F. Uchtdorf - First Presidency (Priesthood Service)
President Henry B. Eyring - First Presidency (Leading the Youth)
President Thomas S. Monson - President (Testimony)

Talk that you MUST watch

Elder Christofferson's talk was awesome.  He spoke heavily on being men.  He discussed how society and culture today has emasculated and humiliated men.  Men are portrayed as selfish, good for nothing, rude and many other undesirable qualities.  He talks about how imperitive it is for us to rise up and be the type of men that our spouses, children, and God need us to be! 

Favorite Quote

"We cannot save a man on Sunday if during the week we're complacent witnesses to the crucifixion of his soul" - Elder D. Todd Christofferson


General Thoughts About the Session

This was a great session.  As it often is, it seemed that the over-arching message was that we as men, and especially as priesthood holders, need and can do better.  We need to be more spiritual.  We need to be more caring and considerate.  We need to be more engaged in our families.  We need to serve more faithfully. 
It isn't that we are doing bad, we're not.  But there is much work to be done, and there are countless lives that are in need of our service.  We've gotta step it up.  We've gotta bring our A game.  We can't be passive and expect that our children will grow up with solid testimonies.  We can't be complacent and expect that our wives will take sole responsibility for family prayers, scripture study and family home evening.  We can't be laxed in priesthood duty and expect that home teaching families will return to activity or feel the love of the quorum.  We must be anxiously engaged!

Click here to watch these talks individually or the session in its entirety.

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