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Friday, October 5, 2012

Guest Posting

Guest Post

Hello friends, today I have the great honor of guest posting on Lily Kreitinger's blog. Lily is a regular commenter and guest poster on Chris LoCurto's blog and a fantastic mind in the leadership field in her own right. 

She specializes is helping others to find, get, and keep their dream job as well as helping others to grow personally and professionally. 

This week she has been discussing how to effectively speak in public and I am privileged to share my limited public speaking experience in my guest post today, so check it out at lilykreitinger.com!

New Friends

For those of you who are visiting my blog for the first time today because of my guest post,


Any friend of Lily's is a friend of mine! 

Feel free to check out my About page to learn more about me. 

I blog regularly about leadership, business and life.  On the weekends I blog about my personal faith and answer questions you may have about Mormons.

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Thanks again for stopping by!  I hope you have benefited from your visit!

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