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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sunday Afternoon Session


Elder Robert D. Hales - Quorum of the Twelve (Mormons are Christian)
Elder Richard G. Scott - Quorum of the Twelve (Work for the dead)
Brother Russell T. Osguthorpe - Sunday School President (Teaching the Gospel)
Elder Marcus B. Nash - Quorum of the Seventy (Faith)
Elder Daniel L. Johnson - Quorum of the Seveny (Being a disciple)
Elder Don R. Clarke - Quorum of the Seventy (Sacrament)
Elder David A. Bednar - Quorum of the Twelve (Testimony and Conversion)

Talk that you MUST watch

Elder Hales' talk was amazing.  He's not usually one who gives a talk that sticks out to me, but this one did!  His discussion about Mormon's being Christian is a question that is asked often.  I appreciate his suggestion that if we say that we are Christians, we dang well better make sure that we are acting as such!

Favorite Quote

"What kind of Christians are we? In other words, how are we doing in our quest to follow Christ?" Elder Robert D. Hales 

General Thoughts About the Session

This session seemed to speak a lot more about the first principles and ordinances of the Gospel.  Faith. Testimony. Being a disciple.  The Sacrament.  Basic stuff.  It's easy to get caught up in so much stuff and activity in the Church that we forget the very, very basic aspects of the Gospel.  And these foundational principles are so essential to our spiritual lives! 

Click here to view video of individual talks and entire sessions.  This link will also have transcripts of the talks within the week.

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