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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Where I am at today...

Hello friends, thanks so much for visiting my blog.  Today I have the great honor to be guest posting on Chris LoCurto's blog . Chris is a VP in Dave Ramsey's organization, as well as the host of the chart-topping Entreleadership Podcast!  He speaks and counsels business owners nationwide and I am proud and honored to consider him a friend. 

Sadly, I wish the circumstances were different.  Chris' step-daughter Chelsea had a brain aneurysm last week and has been in the hospital since.  So our thoughts and prayers are definitely with Chris and his family at this time. 

I am grateful for this opportunity to serve Chris during this trying time by guest posting on his blog so he can focus on taking care of his family!

So please head on over to www.ChrisLoCurto.com and check out my guest post: "A Four Year Old Could Do It."

If You're New

If you are visiting my blog today because you read my guest post, thanks for stopping by!  You have great taste in blogs to follow (Chris' obviously!). 

Feel free to check out my About page to learn a little more about me. 

During the week I blog about leadership, business, etc.  Here are some of my favorite posts:

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Leadership Lessons From the Saddle

On the weekends I've been doing a weekend blog series about another interest of mine, that is my personal faith.  I am a Mormon.  My weekend series is called "Ask a Mormon".  Each week I take a question that a reader has submitted about Mormons and I answer it. 

I give you straight answers about what we believe, why I believe it, and how we act because of it.  I don't push my religion.  I know by learning more about our respective faiths, you and I can become better friends, neighbors and/or twitter pals. 

So here are a few of my favorite "Ask a Mormon" posts if you want to check them out.  If you dont, no problem, please hang around for my weekday posts on leadership!

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Thanks Again

Thanks again for stopping by! I hope you'll find some information of value.  If you do, please share my blog with your friends and followers as well! 

I'd also bring your attention to some other fantastic bloggers I follow.  The links are on the left hand side of my blog!  They rock and you'll really enjoy what they have to say! 

See ya around!

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