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Monday, August 27, 2012

Gathering Your Thoughts When You Have No Idea

Cool Ideas

 If you're like me, you get some way cool ideas on a fairly frequent basis...
What!!? You don't?
Ooohhh, let me guess,
You're one of THOSE people that thinks that everyone around them gets awesome ideas but you never do?
I used to think I didn't either. But do you know what I've found?
We ALL get them, but most of the time, we choose to dismiss them before we consciously realize we had one! 

Dismissing Ideas


Why do we dismiss them?  

I don't know, it's kind of silly, in all honesty.

If we listened to all the ideas we had and acted on one or two, you and I would've probably ran into Chris a couple months ago on some remote Caribbean beach just down from where we anchored our yacht! (If that's your thing...my point: we could be wealthy!)
Having great ideas is vital in business, leadership, and personal life.
I believe that you're smart. I believe you have a unique perspective of the world and that with your perspective and skills
you could improve the lives of countless people! Your ideas are valuable! And they are right there in YOUR BRAIN!!

So how do we capture these ideas?

1. Be Aware: Pay attention to what you're thinking.
Some of your best ideas will come when you are supposedly "not thinking". Proactively ask yourself what you are thinking about.
2. Write it Down. Committing your ideas to paper conveys to God (and your subconscious) that you value those ideas. When I show my wife I value her cooking, I typically get to enjoy MORE great food. The same applies here:
Assign value to your ideas and you'll begin to receive and recognize more fantastic ideas!
3. Sundown Rule. Before the sun goes down the next day, share your idea with someone. Your spouse, children, close friend, mentor--someone!
Articulating your idea out loud will clarify your idea and spark other related ideas in your mind and from those with whom you share them.
4. Come back to them. Keep all your ideas (good, bad, or ugly) in a note book or on 3x5 cards. Go back and review each idea once every couple weeks or each month. Some time may give you added perspective on an idea.
5. Act! You may have no idea how to bring your idea to fruition, but don't let that stop you! Take a cue from
Andy Andrews. Andy says if he doesn't know what to do he asks himself this question:

"I know you don't know what to do, but if you DID know what to do, what would you do RIGHT NOW? (emphasis added)

Then make plans to do that one thing with your idea right away. Research the idea. Write a blog post about it. Do a brainstorming session. Seek further counsel.
YOU are intelligent. YOU have great ideas. You just need to convince yourself of as much!


Question: What do you do to recognize and develop new ideas each day?

Thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings! Please pass them along to your friends, family and associates if you find them valuable!

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  1. Great post Mark. I have started using Evernote to collect ideas because I can sync it across all my electrics - laptop, Kindle Fire or Blackberry. I've set up notebooks so I can keep things separate by topics - and I find the more ideas I collect, the more I seem to have. Just like you said. I also keep a voice recorder with me when I run because that is a prime time for clarity (except when I'm taking allergy meds!). Great reminder to pay attention to our ideas!

    1. Thanks for reading Carol!! It's awesome the way technology can help us take note of our ideas!! Isn't it crazy to think about how many great ideas we've forgotten about because we didn't pay attention to them?? I'm glad I have forgot them, if I realized all I'd forgotten it'd probably drive me nuts!!